1/2’s are doing Array-zing Maths!

This term in the 1/2 area we have been learning about arrays! We are learning to use arrays to make groups so we can do quick multiplication and sharing to solve problems. We love doing arrays because we can use any colours we like (we can even use texta) to show our thinking! Here are some of the array-zing things we have done this term.

We used arrays to solve really large multiplication sums!

Mistakes make our minds grow!

Welcome to Casey’s array city!

Grade 1/2 – Measurement Unit

The 1/2’s have been busy learning about measurement! They found lots of things they could measure outside using 1 metre rulers and trundle wheels. They found out that they will get different answers when one person measures around the oval, compared to when another measures directly across the oval. They made sure they measured in straight lines and did not overlap their rulers or leave gaps between them. This is very important to get correct numbers when measuring!

1/2 Team

Homework Ideas


Parents often want to help their kids with maths, but aren’t sure how to help.
Here are 27 ideas ranging from breakfast, to car trips, to grocery shopping, to afternoon tea, to pocket money and just about everything in between.

See the link below, from Back to Front Maths, for some great ideas that you can assist your child in everyday Maths.


Fraction Action!

Hi everyone,

In the last couple of days students from 5/6 G and 5/6 M have been working hard on creating fraction number lines. Here are some thoughts on what the students have learned:

Tianna and Indya – “Today I learnt how to work out improper fractions properly!”

Brandon – “Today I learnt that you can place a higher number on top (numerator) than the number on the bottom (denominator). This is called an improper fraction.”

Mithil – “Today I learnt other ways to find the exact place of fractions on a number line.”

Declan – “Today I learnt that you can have a fraction where the top number is higher than the bottom number. This is called an improper fraction.”

James – “Today I learnt where fractions go on a number line and strategies to find this out exactly.”